When your baby was born, you never thought you would be here today considering homeschooling. It is something you probably discussed, doubted you could do and decided not to follow through, because you thought “how could I possibly homeschool”? But, it is time and here you are again. Let me tell you something: you can do it!

Starting homeschooling for the first time with your kindergarten student can be very overwhelming. The way homeschooling has evolved over the past 20 years is amazing and you are jumping in at the right time. There is online support everywhere and a variety of curricula from which to choose. More than likely, someone in your neighborhood also homeschools and you just have to find them, so you can connect. Support may also be found from HomeLife Academy.

The way homeschooling looks in the homes of other families is in no way going to reflect anything you do in yours, so do not try to recreate it. You will also receive a lot of advice, some good and some on which you should pass. Here is some of that advice (hopefully some good), which may help you get started off in the right direction.