Do you want to put immediate fear into the heart and mind of a homeschool parent? Say the following phrase three times, “education plan”. Actually, you only need to say it once and it often brings immediate chills to a homeschool parent. Of all of the challenges homeschool parents face, creating an education plan appears to be one of the most difficult tasks at hand. You know what? It really should not be that way and is not. Creating an education plan is one of the easiest tasks to complete and becomes a valuable tool for a homeschool parent and a great resource for your child.

An education plan is one of the requirements from families to be enrolled with HomeLife Academy (HLA). Very simply, an education plan is a road map of courses and the curricula you use to teach those courses to your child each school year. Although some thought must go into preparing it, education plans should not be feared, discounted or rushed. Just as HLA is an umbrella for your school, the education plan is an umbrella for your child’s school work. It is your master plan. Yes, master plans do change, but the education plan gives you direction. If you change direction, you will know what your child has already used and completed and be able to make good academic decisions regarding what they will use on their new path.